You dont realize how much I need you. Sometimes neither do I. Not until I'm left swaying in the shockwaves left by the closing of your door, and the silence and the loneliness consume me, devour me in greed as I crumble. You hit each one of my fault lines with that one vibration, the hum of your voice speaking those two syllables. Opening the road to destruction, my shelter caved and became my tomb. A safe place only for that which has died.

I've been waiting ha;f the night

I've been waiting half my life away


imagine this

We are all pebbles. When we are born we are thrust into the air by the hand of fate, landing where we may into an ocean of time. We all create ripples, and they all fade with time. And on the journey to the bottom we may encounter other stones, just passing by at different angles or at paths similar to ours. They become lovers, friends, or just acquaintances on our journey to the depths. You'd think that life ends when we hit the bottom. But life ends only when our rise of mud settles around us, when all the stones you passed have also been covered up by the sludge the bottom offers us and by other pebbles who fall upon us, after us.


empty. That's how my inspirational drives feel.

Nothing is ever completely empty. Only filled with something other than what we want. We rarely realize that we are surrounded, because we cannot see the air surrounding us.


Your body heat
and my body heat
makes me melt.
And as my edges soften they cling to yours,
melding to your curves
pooling in your depressions.
Until there is no going back;
there is no separating me, warm pools of melted chocolate,
from you.
the lines of definition have blurred
There is no more
or me
there is only us.
Two solids turned homogeneous liquid
Through the slow heat of an embrace
we fall into each other.

White swirls through the rich brown, until only faint traces mark their existence as two seperate beings, a past life.