Instead of mindless expansion we should be expanding our minds. Finding solutions to stop our pollution, to reduce our waste. But we all chase after money and pointless things. Thinking they'll bring us happiness, or self worth. But it's the earth that pays for all the shit we throw away. Make take use, and it's garbage in just a day. But it doesn't just disappear. It's all still here, clogging the Earth's pores with eyesores of giant piles of trash. Every last diaper you've ever crapped in, is still trapped in a landfill. and it'll still be there long after we're gone. Where did we go wrong? When did we split off the evolutionary tree and plant ourselves in the soils of skewed priorities? Working to stay alive, working our nine to five as if the blood that fills our veins is made of money. And I find it funny, when we need air to breathe and this is supplied by trees, we clear cut our forests to build up our factories. We make junk to make a buck, because who gives a fuck about the toll we're taking, as long as we're making dough. No one needs to know about  ozone depletion, chemical secretions, increased rates of extinction. It's always somebody else's problem, somebody else's mess to clean.
We need to live within our means. Rather thank bringing the Earth to her knees, pleading for us to stop the bleeding, stop the receding ice caps. And as the water levels  rise I hear her cries and see the sadness in her eyes as we watch this beauty disappear. I fear it will all be gone for good one day, and that's the reason that I say: Reduce, reuse, refuse to use more than you need, and we can succeed in turning this world around, fertilize the ground so that she may regrow. And she can show us the right way to live, with some give and some take, we can make this world a better place. We can erase the scars of freeways and cars, we can rewind time to teeming life, erase the strife and strive, with all alive, and live, in this give and take. There's so much at stake, but we can make it right. That's why I've taken up the fight to save the beauty that surrounds us, it's all around us from the food we eat to the grass beneath our feet. It doesn't take much, it's easy if you try, just be conscious of your impact, be careful what you buy. Don't settle for disposable, opt for compostable, reuseable recycleable, biodegradeable. We are able to change the world we live in by the changing the way we live with it.
At the heart of it, we are all a part of it. We are all connected, and we are all affected when mother Earth is disrespected.
So come with me, and we'll protect it.


This is my message, this is my fight
Living the life of the environmentalist's plight.
Harper calls us radicals, stops us in our tracks
And when we need him most, he simply turns his back.
Searching for money, searching for self-worth
Building up his ego at the downfall of the Earth.

speak out. black out.


The Taylor Cochrane band is going in a new direction: quartet with Taylor on random stringed instruments, Scottie White on contrabass and guitar, Luke on accordion piano and clarinet, and kim on backing vocals and various percussion.
And let me tell you, it's pretty damn AWESOME

It's funny, how things like this can happen in nature.
How does a tree go about growing out of the side of another?

I love this planet.

I feel like this blog has gotten too ranty.
 I use this site as a vessel for my madness, a place to place my baggage,
forgetting that people read this.

So now my plan is to change it up a bit.
Add more pictures, write only small thoughts

So stay tuned!



I feel a transformation has taken place.

I've spent the past two weeks as a new person. I went on a glorious vacation to the west coast with my soul mate, and had ten days of wonderful adventure. Though it was far from problem-free,  I hardly cared. We took my grandparents' '91 Winnebago, at it was a bet of a piece. The pipe to the muffler broke on the first day, and so every time we accelerated, people would stare in wonder at this crazy loud beast ripping down the street. As well, there were three switches that needed to be on in order for her to start, which caused us some stress in Victoria when she wouldn't start. we had gotten her towed only to realize one of the switches was turned off!
But regardless of getting rear ended, getting stuck in the mud at a remote cabin and having the alternator die on our way home, it was still a great trip. We handled each adversity that came our way with cool grace, never getting stressed, and always looking at the positives.
I feel like the trip has turned me into a new person. Someone who is level headed, self-sufficient and positive. It has made me feel less stressed and more happy with the world around me. Being subjected to all the beautiful sights and sounds of the west coast has soothed my savage breast and brought me to a peaceful place.
Spending my 21st birthday in a secluded inlet on the sunshine coast in a homey little cabin with my lover was the best thing I could have ever asked for. It all seems like a dream, a beautiful and glorious dream, but the best part is that it was real. It was real, and because of my planning and our ability to roll with the punches, it was the best vacation I've had.
And the feeling of bliss has endured, continued into my regular day to day life. Coming back, I feel like the relationship with my mother has been rejuvenated and repaired. I've been more open, less hostile, and it has really done wonders for us. I've made the effort to talk more, to tell her more about my life, and help her out as much as I can. I understand that she's in a stressful situation with her parents and incapacitated brother, and I try to be as little abrasive as possible, and instead try to lubricate the day to day problems so they move forward with the least effort.
I feel like this summer will be a good one, it started off with an amazing trip, and I will carry those experiences forward and use them to lighten my days from here on out.
Happy happy :)