I love you entirely
I love you whole
I love your body
I love your soul

I love you completely
I love you madly
for the rest of my life
I will love you, gladly



I've been at odds with things i've seen and heard lately, and I've had an idea playing around in my head. It has to do with science vs. the unknown. Many people close to me have various different opinions about what is credible, what is true, and why. One friend believes in crystal healing, in chakras and reiki. Her boyfriend believes in science and if something hasn't been proven then it can't be true. He is unable to put faith in something he doesn't understand. And most people are. Which is why science was invented. But it was also why religion was invented. These things are our way of explaining our environment, to give reason to what we don't understand so the world is a less scary place. Now I have been raised a scientist, and I believe that science has a lot to teach us. That's not to say it doesn't have a lot to learn as well. Science is an ever-evolving field. The first deep scientific thinkers thought the sun revolved around the Earth. But with more investigation, we found the truth.and people have slowly been chipping away at the universe, cataloging, sorting and defining every aspect of our environment. It seems that science has learnt everything there is to know. But this isn't so. We are constantly in a state of flux, where we keep increasing our repertoire of facts, but the more we know, the more there is to know, and it is an endless quest. Science is not perfect. Science has made mistakes. Science created the atom bomb. It created nuclear weapons, nuclear waste. It has created heroin, crystal meth, Oxycontin. It has created drug addiction and drug resistant diseases. It has created Styrofoam, High density polyethylene, and countless other products the earth doesn't know what to do with. And so our miracles of science have created landfills, trash heaps and plastic islands in the ocean. It has created oil spills and acid rain. If science was almighty, we wouldn't have pollution. We would have biodegradable everything, we would have clean fuels and clean oceans. But once one thing is invented, there needs to be a true problem, a strong need to change, for there to be a new, better take on the invention. And people can't see the problems they're causing. We don't live in a landfill, we dont see the nuclear waste seeping through old containments. We can go on believing man is the most wonderful species because we are so ingenious and smart. We can keep believing science has all the answers, when it doesn't. There are other schools of thought out there. Other solutions to our problems. Other ways to heal our bodies and our minds, and the earth.
I don't really know how to feel. I love to learn science, and it is valuable, but it is not almighty and it does not claim a monopoly over learning. There are things science can't teach. But science can always learn more, learn better, and hopefully learn to fix its mistakes.


crazy dreamz

I had possibly the best dream last night. It started with an onion that contained a toxin that I was going to isolate and attempt to remove. So I was carrying around this onion with me, and me and some friends ended up meeting paul mccartney at this event. A big crowd swarmed him on uneven ground he fell into me so I helped him up. Then Marysia and Sheri-D got to go into a room for an executive meeting with Paul. Marysia had my bag with the onion and took it with her by accident. A little while later they returned and marysia came running and telling me she was going to love her. Then she pulls out this odd plastic tube with some onion in it, as well as a mounted microscope slide of some onion cells. she proceeded to tell me that Paul had made me a slide and a core sample of my onion for me. I was truly exited and was showing a lot of people. My day had been made, even though looking back, I needed the whole onion to run my tests. But then later my sister and her friend came running, telling me they'd watched this video that George Harrison was in and it was very hot. So I went to watch it, but ended up watching a rehearsal of this poem that George and a few other famous people were doing, near COP. It was a very good poem from my dream perspective. I remember a line from it "we'll kick you out the backyard of life". Then George sat down beside me, he was young, and looked a lot like his son. But we were having a great conversation until I woke up

This is my longest, happiest, strongest relationship I've ever had. At times, it all seems to have become part of the ordinary, and I don't appreciate what I have nearly enough. I've been through some rough times both internally and externally lately; never without my qualms and imperfections. But he is a rock that stands strong-fast for me, with his smile and his positivity. This bond has enough energy to last through all life has to offer. I am truly happy when I am with him, he has brought out all the best qualities in me. <3