I'll try and keep myself open to you

Let these walls come tumbling down
I say it like I've finally found the way to keep the good feelings alive
I said it like it was something to strive for

I need your confidence, baby
And the gift of your extra time

In turn I'll give you mine, sweet darlin'
It's a rich exchange, seems to me
It's a warm arrangement


Life has been pretty fab since summer started.
Smokin' weed, growing weed (one li'l plant, it's so cute)
Hanging with my lover and my ladies in the sunshine.

My parents bought a house down the block and moved my grandparents there
It's a pretty nice house, with an unfinished basement where me and Scott set up a jam space
I walk my two dogs as well as my grandparents dogs at the nearby park every day
And it has become habit to have a go at my one hooter when I'm out in the trees.
It's quite enjoyable, walking and playing with the dogs
wandering stoned through the sunshine
But I wonder if my grandparents can tell
when I come to drop off their old border collie
that a change has overcome me since we last met.
Do grandparents have extrasensory perceptions?
Who knows
I think I can fake normalcy to a decent degree



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check it out!
please :)



Positive thinking

I realized something today.

Everything in our lives; our environment, our job, our situation is inherently linked to our outlook on life. If we are negative, if we are jealous, depressed, disheartened or angry, it affects every single aspect of our circumstance. If we are negative, we will repel the people around us, and we will have less friends. If we are jealous, we will push away our lovers, and become lonely. if we are depressed, we cannot see the beauty that surrounds us, we will not have an urge to explore the world, to know the world, to experience the world. We will travel less, we will know less. We will be less wise. If we are disheartened, then we will never rise to the occasion. We will never get back on our feet and keep going, but we will remain stagnant, and waste away in a miserable existence. If we are angry, either at others or at ourselves, we gash into each other, we wound one another with our unhealthy attitudes. We will lead lives of pain, of fear, of sadness. We will be fat, friendless, hurt and depressed.


If we are positive, it is a completely different story. If we have confidence in ourselves- if we have love in our hearts and adventure in our minds- there is no telling where we will end up. who we will meet. Who we will love. When we are confident, we are not afraid to take chances, to put ourselves out there to grow and to learn. we will be self reliant and strong, able bodied and able minded. If we have love in our hearts we will radiate it upon the world. And we will be open to all things, living or still. We will have an appreciation for the Earth and all her wonders, all her creations, and live in accord alongside all life. We will be healthy in body and in mind and our spirits shall run free.

This is what I have come to believe.

There is nothing more important than having a positive and healthy outlook on life. I've been on the other side and it wears away at your being like sandpaper. It's so much better on the positive end of things.
It's hard to say how to make these changes. It all comes down to you, you have to be strong, and pull yourself out on your own. No one else can do it for you. But man, the view from up here is way better than from that grave.