energy crisis

mmkay, so theres this whole new fuel revolution going on right? electricity powered, biofuel, natural gas.it sounds like a good idea at first, but do we really have our priorities straight?
lets think...electricity. thats good, just plug your car in, no waste! wrong. where does electricity come from? coal. coal is one of the dirtiest emissions around. so nix on that idea.
biofuel- thats good! a renuable resource! yes, but why would we use things we could be feeding to the starving nations to power our cars? plus there would be more money in selling your food to the car industry than to the supermarkets. so...either a shortage of food or higher prices to match the fuel prices. nix.
so now natural gas. sure its cheaper and cleaner than normal gas, but before natural gas can be used as a fuel, it must undergo extensive processing to remove almost all materials other than methane. this includes ethanol, elemental sulfur, hydrocarbons and nitrogen. and nitrogen is quite bad for the environment if expelled in large amounts, if it runs into water it will cause an algeal bloom, use up the oxygen supply and kill all the poor fishies! nix.


smoke pot smoke pot everybody smoke pot

dont label me. i dont subscribe to your stereotyping. not even the positives; pacifist, vegetarian, animal rights activist. sometimes i even have troubles with hippy. call me unique and i will be happy. i think thats why i disapprove of drugs. they place an inevitable stereotype over everyone who do them. people dont realise that we're not all the same. we do them for different reasons, to acheive certain results, ect. to be honest i disagree with all drugs, even marijuana sometimes. people who do them to erase their pain, to run and hide because they either can't or dont want to face it, annoy me.drugs, i think, are for the strong minded. for those who wont be drawn in by their tempting release. but here is where i contradict myself. i find using drugs to escape or change the way of seeing things is dumb, yet that is the whole point of drugs, and here i am. i also think they sould be done only when the time is right, yet i am indulgent


we are the cause of a world gone wrong

I've had a rough week. My problem is that I care too much. I'm so sensitive that even problems that arent mine bother me. I should have never let it get this far, that's for sure. But I am an indulgent fool. Every new unfourtunate event unfolding and leaving me pained even more. It has made me question even the most foundational feelings, the basis of human kind. In what parallel universe am I living in that a son's parents turn their back on him, void of compassion or understanding? "Tough Love, a kick to get him on track" is what my councellor said. I find it to be only slightly extreme, taking your son to court, but that may just be me.



beauty is looking and feeling irresistable.
Things like these really piss me off. who's to say what beauty is? beauty is as versatile and different as people themselves. multinational corporations seem to believe they can put a price tag on beauty. bbut only the superficial skin deep variety. they have no idea how to commercialize the deeper meaning of the word. I mean how can you make money by telling people they're beautiful the way they are? you cant.