New re workings

Today I had the long awaited meeting with my poetry professor Richard. We met at Kensington Pub to discuss my poetry and my performance, and just to catch up. I had brought my latest poem to get his feedback and this is what he told me to do:
You take the best lines from the poem, the ones that you really like, and cut them out with scissors. take all these lines and put em in a hat and pick them at random and lay them out in the order you take them out. It gives you a totally new and yet same poem. Here's my results:

Dont settle for disposable, opt for compostable, reusable sustainable; a green future is attainable.
When did we split of the evolutionary tree and plant ourselves in the soils of skewed priotities?
Instead of mindless expansion we should be expanding our minds.
We can erase the scars of freeways and cars, rewind time to teeming life, erase the strife and strive with all alive, and live in this give and take.
We make junk to make a buck, because who gives a fuck about the toll we're taking, as long as we're making dough.
See at the heart of it we are all a part of it. We are all connected and all affected when mother earth is disrespected.
Every diaper you've ever crapped in is still trapped in a landfill. and it'll still be here after you're gone.
When we need air to breathe and this is created by trees, why do we clear cut to build up our factories?
Working to stay alive as if the blood that filled our veins was currency.
Let's fertilize the ground so that she may regrow and show us the right way to live.  With some give and some take we can make this world a better place.

Scott then put it all in the hat and took out the lines, and here's his results:

When did we split off the evolutionary tree and plant our selves in the soils of skewed priorities?
fertilize the ground so she may regrow and she can show us the right way to live. with some give and some take we can make the world a better place.
Working to stay alive as if the blood that filled our veins was currency.
We can erase the scars of freeways and cars, rewind time to teeming life, erase the strife and strive with all alive, and live in this give and take.
Instead of mindless expansion we should be expanding our minds.
When we need air to breathe and this is created by trees, why do we clear cut to build up our factories?
Every diaper you've ever crapped in is still trapped in a landfill. and it'll still be here after you're gone.
See at the heart of it we are all a part of it. We are all connected and all affected when mother earth is disrespected.
Don't settle for disposable, opt for compostable, reusable sustainable; a green future is attainable.
We make junk to make a buck, because who gives a fuck about the toll we're taking, as long as we're making dough.

It's a pretty interesting exersize and it won't be the last time I use it!


long time no

Today wasn't by any standards a particularly great day. Early mornings and snow, parking tickets, missing an interview, car dying on a busy street, getting stood up by a mentor. It was overwhelming and I admit I shed some tears, in the moment. But at the moment I am ok, I am at peace with the way things are because even though the day wasn't amazing, there were still some good aspects. Like the nice girl who helped me push my car, offered to drive me home and gave me a hug when she saw I was distressed. Like getting a call from Bernard Callebaut offering me a job at the same moment I lost the chance to work at a pet store. It's all about the little things, the positives, because if you don't keep your head up you're more likely to crash.


It's official!

I'm moving out with my boyfriend and it's going to be great!

weight on my shoulders


love love love this band right now :)


feeling good

Let's get to the point;
let's roll another joint, 

and let's head on down the road,

there's somewhere I gotta go

And you don't know how it feels

to be me

Don't get me wrong, it's pretty great being me
I quite enjoy it.
It's fascinating that we are the only ones who really know us,
and that's all we'll ever know.


excuse the rant

I've conceded that it is impossible to tell my mother what bothers me about her.
She has such a warped sense of importance, so that any complaint I have is turned into a full fleshed assault to her. And she twists it around in her cunning little way and it becomes all my fault. I am always at fault. Today I got frustrated because my mother told me to put some leftover meal she'd bought downstairs in the fridge. It's merely a trifle, but it's not a stand alone event. I thought that since she bought the food she should put it away. It's hers, not mine, and she shouldn't be able to get away with constantly pawning off her chores onto me and my sister. But you couldn't tell her that. I must have had bad attitude, and walked down the stairs a bit too loudly, because when I came up she asked "what's your problem? why are you always mad at me?" I threw up my arms in disbelief. She's so quick to say that I'm the one attacking, I'm the one who's the asshole. I wanted to tell her that she should have put her own food away, but I knew it was useless, I knew she would be aghast at my  impropriety and hash out the twisted logic that as her kids, she has full right to make us do everything. So she asked "are you mad because I always make you do stuff?" knowing it was a trap, but not caring, I said yes. She just made some sound of disgust and left to eat her dinner upstairs in front of her tv, leaving all the food out.
It's not that me and my sister have to do chores that annoys me. I understand that I have to do chores. What bugs me is that my mother seems to think she's above them. She is allowed to leave old food out for weeks, leave messes everywhere, but at anytime I leave a faint trace of my presence, it's hell to pay.  I don't think it's fair she has immunity. She doesn't even have a job, so her job should be tidying the house, but it's not. Her job is to play around in her garden all day, or watch tv, or eat junk food. She leaves a mess; we need to clean it up. That's the way it works in this house, and we just have to grin and bear it, or else we are the ungrateful children.
It's really taking a toll on me. She doesn't realize she has completely ruined our relationship. She doesn't care.



3,830 Km.
 46 hours of driving. (each way)
For a three day festival.
 Gonna be dope!

I've been thinking of moving out

My boyfriend's lease is up in September, and I'm getting sufficiently fed up living in the house I grew up in. My friend's mom is renting out her basement suite for an attractive price, and I think I'm going to go for it. It's absolutely terrifying, being removed from all that I've known my whole life. And I have my misgivings about moving in with my boyfriend. What if it's too much stress and our relationship is tarnished? But also what if it's the greatest thing? It will be a shock, for sure, but I think I can handle it. I have the money, and I have the will.

Still nervous as heck though.


I'll try and keep myself open to you

Let these walls come tumbling down
I say it like I've finally found the way to keep the good feelings alive
I said it like it was something to strive for

I need your confidence, baby
And the gift of your extra time

In turn I'll give you mine, sweet darlin'
It's a rich exchange, seems to me
It's a warm arrangement


Life has been pretty fab since summer started.
Smokin' weed, growing weed (one li'l plant, it's so cute)
Hanging with my lover and my ladies in the sunshine.

My parents bought a house down the block and moved my grandparents there
It's a pretty nice house, with an unfinished basement where me and Scott set up a jam space
I walk my two dogs as well as my grandparents dogs at the nearby park every day
And it has become habit to have a go at my one hooter when I'm out in the trees.
It's quite enjoyable, walking and playing with the dogs
wandering stoned through the sunshine
But I wonder if my grandparents can tell
when I come to drop off their old border collie
that a change has overcome me since we last met.
Do grandparents have extrasensory perceptions?
Who knows
I think I can fake normalcy to a decent degree



I made an Etsy page!
check it out!
please :)



Positive thinking

I realized something today.

Everything in our lives; our environment, our job, our situation is inherently linked to our outlook on life. If we are negative, if we are jealous, depressed, disheartened or angry, it affects every single aspect of our circumstance. If we are negative, we will repel the people around us, and we will have less friends. If we are jealous, we will push away our lovers, and become lonely. if we are depressed, we cannot see the beauty that surrounds us, we will not have an urge to explore the world, to know the world, to experience the world. We will travel less, we will know less. We will be less wise. If we are disheartened, then we will never rise to the occasion. We will never get back on our feet and keep going, but we will remain stagnant, and waste away in a miserable existence. If we are angry, either at others or at ourselves, we gash into each other, we wound one another with our unhealthy attitudes. We will lead lives of pain, of fear, of sadness. We will be fat, friendless, hurt and depressed.


If we are positive, it is a completely different story. If we have confidence in ourselves- if we have love in our hearts and adventure in our minds- there is no telling where we will end up. who we will meet. Who we will love. When we are confident, we are not afraid to take chances, to put ourselves out there to grow and to learn. we will be self reliant and strong, able bodied and able minded. If we have love in our hearts we will radiate it upon the world. And we will be open to all things, living or still. We will have an appreciation for the Earth and all her wonders, all her creations, and live in accord alongside all life. We will be healthy in body and in mind and our spirits shall run free.

This is what I have come to believe.

There is nothing more important than having a positive and healthy outlook on life. I've been on the other side and it wears away at your being like sandpaper. It's so much better on the positive end of things.
It's hard to say how to make these changes. It all comes down to you, you have to be strong, and pull yourself out on your own. No one else can do it for you. But man, the view from up here is way better than from that grave.



Instead of mindless expansion we should be expanding our minds. Finding solutions to stop our pollution, to reduce our waste. But we all chase after money and pointless things. Thinking they'll bring us happiness, or self worth. But it's the earth that pays for all the shit we throw away. Make take use, and it's garbage in just a day. But it doesn't just disappear. It's all still here, clogging the Earth's pores with eyesores of giant piles of trash. Every last diaper you've ever crapped in, is still trapped in a landfill. and it'll still be there long after we're gone. Where did we go wrong? When did we split off the evolutionary tree and plant ourselves in the soils of skewed priorities? Working to stay alive, working our nine to five as if the blood that fills our veins is made of money. And I find it funny, when we need air to breathe and this is supplied by trees, we clear cut our forests to build up our factories. We make junk to make a buck, because who gives a fuck about the toll we're taking, as long as we're making dough. No one needs to know about  ozone depletion, chemical secretions, increased rates of extinction. It's always somebody else's problem, somebody else's mess to clean.
We need to live within our means. Rather thank bringing the Earth to her knees, pleading for us to stop the bleeding, stop the receding ice caps. And as the water levels  rise I hear her cries and see the sadness in her eyes as we watch this beauty disappear. I fear it will all be gone for good one day, and that's the reason that I say: Reduce, reuse, refuse to use more than you need, and we can succeed in turning this world around, fertilize the ground so that she may regrow. And she can show us the right way to live, with some give and some take, we can make this world a better place. We can erase the scars of freeways and cars, we can rewind time to teeming life, erase the strife and strive, with all alive, and live, in this give and take. There's so much at stake, but we can make it right. That's why I've taken up the fight to save the beauty that surrounds us, it's all around us from the food we eat to the grass beneath our feet. It doesn't take much, it's easy if you try, just be conscious of your impact, be careful what you buy. Don't settle for disposable, opt for compostable, reuseable recycleable, biodegradeable. We are able to change the world we live in by the changing the way we live with it.
At the heart of it, we are all a part of it. We are all connected, and we are all affected when mother Earth is disrespected.
So come with me, and we'll protect it.


This is my message, this is my fight
Living the life of the environmentalist's plight.
Harper calls us radicals, stops us in our tracks
And when we need him most, he simply turns his back.
Searching for money, searching for self-worth
Building up his ego at the downfall of the Earth.

speak out. black out.


The Taylor Cochrane band is going in a new direction: quartet with Taylor on random stringed instruments, Scottie White on contrabass and guitar, Luke on accordion piano and clarinet, and kim on backing vocals and various percussion.
And let me tell you, it's pretty damn AWESOME

It's funny, how things like this can happen in nature.
How does a tree go about growing out of the side of another?

I love this planet.

I feel like this blog has gotten too ranty.
 I use this site as a vessel for my madness, a place to place my baggage,
forgetting that people read this.

So now my plan is to change it up a bit.
Add more pictures, write only small thoughts

So stay tuned!



I feel a transformation has taken place.

I've spent the past two weeks as a new person. I went on a glorious vacation to the west coast with my soul mate, and had ten days of wonderful adventure. Though it was far from problem-free,  I hardly cared. We took my grandparents' '91 Winnebago, at it was a bet of a piece. The pipe to the muffler broke on the first day, and so every time we accelerated, people would stare in wonder at this crazy loud beast ripping down the street. As well, there were three switches that needed to be on in order for her to start, which caused us some stress in Victoria when she wouldn't start. we had gotten her towed only to realize one of the switches was turned off!
But regardless of getting rear ended, getting stuck in the mud at a remote cabin and having the alternator die on our way home, it was still a great trip. We handled each adversity that came our way with cool grace, never getting stressed, and always looking at the positives.
I feel like the trip has turned me into a new person. Someone who is level headed, self-sufficient and positive. It has made me feel less stressed and more happy with the world around me. Being subjected to all the beautiful sights and sounds of the west coast has soothed my savage breast and brought me to a peaceful place.
Spending my 21st birthday in a secluded inlet on the sunshine coast in a homey little cabin with my lover was the best thing I could have ever asked for. It all seems like a dream, a beautiful and glorious dream, but the best part is that it was real. It was real, and because of my planning and our ability to roll with the punches, it was the best vacation I've had.
And the feeling of bliss has endured, continued into my regular day to day life. Coming back, I feel like the relationship with my mother has been rejuvenated and repaired. I've been more open, less hostile, and it has really done wonders for us. I've made the effort to talk more, to tell her more about my life, and help her out as much as I can. I understand that she's in a stressful situation with her parents and incapacitated brother, and I try to be as little abrasive as possible, and instead try to lubricate the day to day problems so they move forward with the least effort.
I feel like this summer will be a good one, it started off with an amazing trip, and I will carry those experiences forward and use them to lighten my days from here on out.
Happy happy :)



I dread human contact. I absolutely hate it. I hate having to think of something to say, hate having to feign interest and sympathy. It's a stressful situation and I don't even know why. I guess it's the culmination of all my antisocial tendencies over the years. Once you get into a habit it gets harder and harder to change as time goes by. I've always been the shy one, the quiet one. The exception is my friends. I'm talkative and at ease with the people I like. I love my friends and I love having friends, but I dread making them. It's like it's too much effort to be worth it. All the awkward getting to know eachothers and stuff, I'd rather just avoid it completely. But it's getting me into trouble. People think I'm arrogant, too good to talk to them. Or that I hate them. Such is the case with my mother. She's been living at her parent's house, and so I rarely see her. That suited me fine, because less interactions the better. So whenever she's over I guess I'm shyer than normal, and my go to response is to say a quick hello, and to go into my room. Not because I hate her, but because I hate confrontation of any kind. I'm so used to just sloughing off interactions, opting for silence instead. It's like it's too much energy, too much I dont even know what, to talk to people, and what harm will not talking do, really? I try to convince myself that I can continue on this way. I'm so set in my ways that it's so hard to change. But now that my mother is mad at me because she thinks I hate her, I'm faced with a tough decision. Break out of my shell and talk to her, ask her about her day even though I don't care (I'm terrible) even though it's way out of my comfort zone and I really don't want to. Or I can keep doing what I do, becoming a socially inept recluse who doesn't talk to anyone unless it's completely necessary. Ugh, This sucks.


rant, wooo!

I wish you had a quieter way of dealing with your bad days. Instead of using everyone you see as a scapegoat so you can escape your load by heaving it upon the undeserving. I'd like to think I'm undeserving of your malice, at least. But you could very well be right. I could indeed be the daughter who doesn't make any effort to contribute to housely chores, the one who hates you, tries to make you miserable, ignores your hardships and who wants to run away to avoid helping you. Maybe you're right about everything. But that isn't the way I see it.

The way I see myself is far from simple and far from resolute. It changes day to day, depending on my mood, the mood of others, and the weather. On the good days I see myself as an intelligent attractive young girl who knows what makes her happy in life. A girl with adventure in her veins and distant shores in her heart. A girl with passion and artistic vision and a loving heart. Someone kind and gentle and introverted, but there's nothing wrong with that.

On the bad days I see myself through the eyes of someone wicked. Someone who picks out her flaws and fears that those around her think less of her for possessing them. Someone who doesn't believe she has talent and shouldn't take pride in anything creative because it's not perfect. Someone who doesn't feel like she's trying hard enough, because her efforts are wasted by nitpickers who pick out the negatives.

The way I feel depends highly on the opinions and moods of those close to me. And on days like this, when you come storming in here, full of your angers and your baggage, and proceed to cut down our efforts and use what we say against us, it's hard to think of myself in a good light. instead I am plagued by your foul mood and feel next to worthless because you're so good at making me feel guilty. You're so good at deflecting blame, and rearranging faults until you're the almighty untouchable queen and I am the good-for-nothing pawn who only exists to do your bidding.
Your anger does more damage than you think. While you yell at us and put us down, blowing holes into our hull
without a second thought, we are left sinking into seas of sadness. I am particularly fragile, with no thick skin to deflect your blows. each shot sinks deep and stays in my flesh, and I am left to carry around these wounds with me, the bullets poisoning my would-be positive outlook. You have turned me into the timid, unconfident, unsure girl that I am today.
I shouldn't blame all my faults on you of course. But I feel that you have had a big hand in making it so, and you have definetly not helped the situation. I feel that you are no longer a mother figure and instead a master. A boss, someone to take orders from and expect no tenderness back. It's sad really.
So sad that I need a vacation, yet you make me feel guilty for that too. Saying that "I know you have to run away to be happy, but it sure would be nice if you'd be around to help me."
Thanks mother, appreciate you being so understanding of my tough semester and my desire to have fun with friends away from your soul sucking vortex of shame and blame. You don't even live here anymore, yet you still expect me to answer to your every beck and call.

You're the one with no job and who's living with your parents. I don't need your guilt trips



I love you entirely
I love you whole
I love your body
I love your soul

I love you completely
I love you madly
for the rest of my life
I will love you, gladly



I've been at odds with things i've seen and heard lately, and I've had an idea playing around in my head. It has to do with science vs. the unknown. Many people close to me have various different opinions about what is credible, what is true, and why. One friend believes in crystal healing, in chakras and reiki. Her boyfriend believes in science and if something hasn't been proven then it can't be true. He is unable to put faith in something he doesn't understand. And most people are. Which is why science was invented. But it was also why religion was invented. These things are our way of explaining our environment, to give reason to what we don't understand so the world is a less scary place. Now I have been raised a scientist, and I believe that science has a lot to teach us. That's not to say it doesn't have a lot to learn as well. Science is an ever-evolving field. The first deep scientific thinkers thought the sun revolved around the Earth. But with more investigation, we found the truth.and people have slowly been chipping away at the universe, cataloging, sorting and defining every aspect of our environment. It seems that science has learnt everything there is to know. But this isn't so. We are constantly in a state of flux, where we keep increasing our repertoire of facts, but the more we know, the more there is to know, and it is an endless quest. Science is not perfect. Science has made mistakes. Science created the atom bomb. It created nuclear weapons, nuclear waste. It has created heroin, crystal meth, Oxycontin. It has created drug addiction and drug resistant diseases. It has created Styrofoam, High density polyethylene, and countless other products the earth doesn't know what to do with. And so our miracles of science have created landfills, trash heaps and plastic islands in the ocean. It has created oil spills and acid rain. If science was almighty, we wouldn't have pollution. We would have biodegradable everything, we would have clean fuels and clean oceans. But once one thing is invented, there needs to be a true problem, a strong need to change, for there to be a new, better take on the invention. And people can't see the problems they're causing. We don't live in a landfill, we dont see the nuclear waste seeping through old containments. We can go on believing man is the most wonderful species because we are so ingenious and smart. We can keep believing science has all the answers, when it doesn't. There are other schools of thought out there. Other solutions to our problems. Other ways to heal our bodies and our minds, and the earth.
I don't really know how to feel. I love to learn science, and it is valuable, but it is not almighty and it does not claim a monopoly over learning. There are things science can't teach. But science can always learn more, learn better, and hopefully learn to fix its mistakes.


crazy dreamz

I had possibly the best dream last night. It started with an onion that contained a toxin that I was going to isolate and attempt to remove. So I was carrying around this onion with me, and me and some friends ended up meeting paul mccartney at this event. A big crowd swarmed him on uneven ground he fell into me so I helped him up. Then Marysia and Sheri-D got to go into a room for an executive meeting with Paul. Marysia had my bag with the onion and took it with her by accident. A little while later they returned and marysia came running and telling me she was going to love her. Then she pulls out this odd plastic tube with some onion in it, as well as a mounted microscope slide of some onion cells. she proceeded to tell me that Paul had made me a slide and a core sample of my onion for me. I was truly exited and was showing a lot of people. My day had been made, even though looking back, I needed the whole onion to run my tests. But then later my sister and her friend came running, telling me they'd watched this video that George Harrison was in and it was very hot. So I went to watch it, but ended up watching a rehearsal of this poem that George and a few other famous people were doing, near COP. It was a very good poem from my dream perspective. I remember a line from it "we'll kick you out the backyard of life". Then George sat down beside me, he was young, and looked a lot like his son. But we were having a great conversation until I woke up

This is my longest, happiest, strongest relationship I've ever had. At times, it all seems to have become part of the ordinary, and I don't appreciate what I have nearly enough. I've been through some rough times both internally and externally lately; never without my qualms and imperfections. But he is a rock that stands strong-fast for me, with his smile and his positivity. This bond has enough energy to last through all life has to offer. I am truly happy when I am with him, he has brought out all the best qualities in me. <3


reading week

I've been in Kelowna for the past few days, staying with my friend Kaeleigh and her one year old daughter who is possibly the brightest ray of sunshine my eyes have ever soaked in. She's such a dream, living laughing so innocent and free. She's become so comfortable with me; crawling on me like a jungle gym, playing with my pens and crochet hook, trying to do what I do. She's growing up so fast. Today I saw her walk for the first time. I feel so blessed that I was able to witness such a milestone (and catch it on film!). She makes me happy when I'm feeling down, and I'm so thankful for her. This trip has been good so far. I'm still battling with insecurities, and my family that stretches my mind back to Calgary in a most unpleasant way. This trip is showing me that there is life elsewhere and so many places, to run to.
she couldnt help thinking that there was a little more to life, somewhere ese
I really love being here with my two best friends Petra and Kaeleigh. They're living on their own, all grown up in a beautiful place, and it makes me just want to break free
I want to break freeeeeeeeee


Mother II

The only good thing coming of this never ending situation is that there's always material for poetry.

I don’t remember the last time you did something nice for me. Can’t you see why I’m upset? I guess I just get this way after too many days of no thank yous. I wish you’d put yourself in my shoes, so you can see what you’re doing to us. I don’t like to fuss because I’ve learned it won’t make things better, but then the feelings fester within me. I can’t see a solution. No resolution is possible; you’re always so hostile when I speak my mind. I guess I can never find the right words to explain this pain that seeps from my chest. The best I can do is write poetry, for me only, because I don’t have the balls to show this to you. I know what it will do; it will send you into a depression.

You’re so full of aggression; you have a tongue like a whip and no filter for your lips. You spit insults without thinking; I think it’s linked to your drinking. You sink to new lows, dishing out blows because weakening us makes you seem stronger. I can’t stand this much longer. In arguments, you’re the first one to shout, but you can’t take what you dish out. If I say something harsh you blow up, storm off in a huff. I’ve had enough. It’s time the queen was thrown from her throne. You have shown me no compassion but fashion your life around asking it from me. You live ridiculously, gone too long with no one to keep you in check. You forget that you need give and take to make a family last. But you ask so much of us, and give nothing in return; you’ve turned this house into a monarchy.
And I think we’re due for a mutiny


It was an odd experience. Obviously enhanced by the illicit drugs in my system, but there was no mistaking the power of the experience. The pull of the tears were fierce, piercing me, pulling me down with a frown, it was frightening, felt alone and helpless, griping, fighting, trying.
I saw the warm light dancing on the right side of your face; I tried to chase the pain away. Push it, but I was weak. I tried to teach you how to heal me. Feel me, hold me fold your arms around me. And you astound me. With your everlasting light, you gave me sight in darkness. I saw you helped my cloud get lifted; I am gifted with your warm embrace. I touched the right side of your face, traced the skin from your temple to your chin.
I shed the walls and let you in.


open your fucking eyes

It's people like you that make the world a lesser place. You pollute the pallet with your selfish habits but your self-esteemless self portrayal. You believe your happiness more important than a million other species, yet you think your actions invisible in the grand scheme. You think can keep running water and loving oil, and nothing will happen. Or you know what will happen but you're unwilling to give up the smallest of insignificant luxuries; to change your habits just the slightest. You think it's ok to keep doing what we have always done. Why cant you see? Why can't you open your fucking eyes to the state the world is in. It's not a hoax made up by peace loving tree hugging granolas. There are statistics. There is tangible proof; forests are being torn down to make room for our endless appetite for meat. Cities are growing wider, catering to the exponential multiplication of humans. The biodiversity is steadily decreasing because we keep monopolizing huge areas of land for our own monetary gain. 90% of all large fish populations have disappeared from our oceans from over fishing. One hundred and fifty species go extinct every day due to human activity. One hundred fucking fifty. We are responsible for destroying countless works of evolutionary art, crafted over billions of years, that will never exist ever again. We are spewing out chemicals and pollutants into the atmosphere; the co2 levels are higher than they've ever been. We are wasteful, cutting down more and more trees when recycling paper saves 60% of the water cost for manufacturing new paper and 100% of materials. We are wasteful and we consume blindly, thoughtlessly, just because we can. We could stop it, but not enough people care.
I just wish people were aware of these facts. Then maybe the real world and our impacts would feel a little more real, rather than a distant inconvenience, separated from us and our plushy homes, indoor heating and two car garages. Maybe then people would feel guilt when over induging instead of seeing us hippies as a nuisance, a fly that wont buzz off and leave them free to live in content consuming ignorance. Maybe we could change the world for the better, steer it in a good direction.